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Did KissCartoon Shut Down?
over 1 year ago

A well-known site, KissCartoon allowed users to stream various cartoons for free. It is easy to use and it provides individuals with a way to watch shows without downloading. Unlike some of the competitors, most of the videos were of high quality, which made this experience much better. It got millions of hits per month when it was at a peak of its popularity. 


Similar to most of the streaming sites, it ran into a share of issues. This was not uncommon for the platform to be down from time to time. KissCartoon went down only to never come back last year. This was a shock to many of the site’s regular users. They all had grown accustomed to its ups and downs if anything they would have thought that it would return after some time. It became more understood that KissCartoon would not return when more and more weeks passed. 


After many years, KissCartoon, the most popular site for streaming cartoons, shut down in 2017. All this has happened a few times in the past, the site would always come back within a few days. Many users turned to social media for answers when they saw that the domain would not come back.  Various individuals began to ask questions about the situation on Reddit. However, their suspicions were only confirmed with time when they knew KissCartoon would never come back. 

For more read - https://onlinegeeks-60.webselfsite.net/blog/2021/06/07/what-happened-to-kisscartoon-was-kisscartoon-shut-down

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