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How Do I Change My Default Homepage in Safari?
over 1 year ago

Safari was initially discovered by Apple back in 2003 and it was operational on Windows from the year of 2007 till 2012. It became popular as the user started using more of iPhone or the rest of apple device. Give this blog a good read.

If the user chooses to make Yahoo his homepage in Safari then certain procedures are to be followed: Starting by clicking on the option which reads as edit menu and then selecting Preferences. Further clicking the option which reads as safari opens with menu and clicking homepage. Then simply the user may mention the yahoo site whichever we would want to add. End the task by adding that one button to the toolbar section.

And if the user likes the service and moreover wishes to set safari homepage. Then simply follow this 5-step guide and you will be able to successfully amend the changes:

  • Hit on the Safari icon be it on the dock or the launchpad.
  • Hit on the search and address field option at the top of the window and mention the address of the webpage you wish to set as your homepage.
  • Select safari after that preference and hit on the general button which is present in the toolbar.
  • Hit the icon which reads asset to the current page button. (perhaps you have an option to skip step 2 and directly visit safari general preference and directly filling the URL, adding to that if you wish safari to open your homepage the moment you restart, select an empty page from the tab which reads as New window open with pop up.
  • Now you may end the steps by simply closing the safari preference page.

These were the basic guidelines you must follow so as to avoid any kind of confusion in this regard. For any query feel free to reach out to us anytime on the Online Geeks website.


See also - https://www.blogontop.com/set-yahoo-as-your-homepage-in-major-web-browsers/

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