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How Do I Enable IMAP/POP Server Settings on Yahoo Mail?
over 1 year ago

Do you want to configure your Yahoo mail account in Outlook or a similar third-party email client software? If so, you’ve come to the right page and we will help you take steps you need to take to configure Yahoo mail. 

Before proceeding with the steps for Outlook, you need to enable Yahoo IMAP/POP server Settings from the mail. 

Have a look. 

Enable IMAP in Yahoo Mail

With these steps, you will be allowed to use Yahoo mail in third-party email clients like Outlook. 

  • First, open a browser and then enter yahoo.com in the URL and hit enter to open the page. 
  • Now, sign in to your account with proper login credentials and then click on the gear icon and navigate to the Account Security option. 
  • Now, scroll down a bit and then turn on the ‘Allow apps that use less secure sign in’ option. 

That’s it, now you will be able to configure your Yahoo mail in Outlook or any other software. 

How to Add Yahoo Mail to Outlook

Just follow the steps.

  • Open the Outlook on your PC and then click on the File option from the top ribbon and then click on the Add Account option. 
  • A new pop-up window will open, enter your email address and then click on the Connect button. 
  • The recent update in Outlook automatically detects the settings for Yahoo Mail. And you will see that in the next where it will ask for the password. 
  • Now, just enter the password for your account and then click on the Connect button to proceed. 

If the username and password combination is correct, you will be taken to the Mailbox page of Outlook. If not, you will be asked to provide the correct username and password combination. There is also an option to manually configure the account using the IMAP or POP server settings. You can choose to go through that route if you prefer. 

For more read - https://onlinegeeksnet.bookmark.com/how-to-make-yahoo-mail-work-with-outlook

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