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How to Add links to Instagram Stories?
over 1 year ago

Instagram has always been one of the top social media platforms, and it is getting better with time. One of Instagram's newest features is the Stories feature. The story's feature is usually a 15-second video clip of what's happening in your life. The feature is meant to be temporary, however, Instagram just made the feature more functional in the form of adding a link to Instagram Stories. Here are some steps for How to add a link to an Instagram post.

Process for Adding Links to Instagram Story

Presently that the condition for records to add joins has been taken out, this component is open by all clients on Instagram. The organization has late declared the worldwide rollout of Link Stickers so it could be some time before it gets added to all accounts. The connection can be COPY anyplace on Instagram Stories. Follow these basic strides to add links to Instagram Stories.


  • Go to the Instagram application and swipe right. The choice to post a story appears. A client can post a photograph or a video as a story.
  • When the photograph is embedded, swipe up to open the sticker plate. The Link choice should appear just beneath GIF and close to the survey gadget choices.
  • Click on the Link choice and glue the URL you need to add to the story.
  • The connection then, at that point, appears like some other sticker on an Instagram Story. 
  • Clients can then post the story for them by tapping on the Share choice by this client as Add Link to Instagram Story.

Make A Link Landing Page?

As opposed to connecting out to an alternate page without fail, you could utilize a connection presentation page administration. 

These are customized pages with a progression of connections and thumbnails. Instances of such administrations are Campsite and Linktree.


At the point when you join these administrations, you get a customized interface that you can then embed into your Instagram profile.


On these pages, you can list anything that you need. You can tweak the profile picture, bio, topic, and all the more so it can have comparable marking to your Instagram page. It's prudent to add thumbnails to the connections as this can assist your Instagram adherents with realizing which is the applicable connection from the post they were seeing.


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