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How to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat?
over 1 year ago

The Dark mode is a much talking and also a famous feature among the people who use smartphones and are always crazy about the latest features on the internet. There are many users who want to enable dark mode on Snapchat but they do not how to do so and wondering how to change your Snapchat to dark mode? For such users, we have bought this blog where the users can follow the step-by-step guide we have given them so that they can put their Snapchat in dark mode. 


Steps to put Snapchat in Dark Mode – 

  1. To begin the procedure you need to head to the settings tab on your device. 
  2. From the settings tab, the users need to pick the option of Display and move to the next step. 
  3. Now in this step to fix “how to put Snap on dark mode?” you need to select the dark mode from the theme tab of your device. As soon as you will click on settings again. 
  4. Now navigate your phone and select the tab of software information and then hit the number button various times. 
  5. Now again go back to settings and select the option of developer tools which will also include a tab saying force dark mode tab. 
  6. Switch that tab and then after that your Snapchat will function in dark mode and you can enjoy using snap dark mode on your device. 

We hope that the information which we have provided you above in the blog was able to answer your question of ‘how to put Snapchat in dark mode?’ You can anytime refer to this article whenever you want to put your Snap into dark mode on your device but it will only work if you will follow all the steps correctly and accurately. 


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