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How to Turn Off YouTube Auto Pause on PC/Laptop?
over 1 year ago

Does YouTube keep on pausing on its own again and again? Do not worry you are at the right place to know the solution to this issue. In this blog, we are going to know how to stop auto-pause on YouTube so that you can fix the issue on your device.


Ways to Turn off YouTube Auto-Pause –

1. First of all the users need to check if the internet connection or the Wi-Fi connection they are using is a good one or not and is working properly and then move ahead to know how to stop YouTube from pausing.
2. After this, you need to see which browser you are using. If it is some browser other than Google Chrome then you need to change it and install Chrome immediately as it is the most compatible browser to use YouTube.
3. After the Google chrome is installed you need to make it the default browser for your device to fix YouTube keeps pausing.

  • Move to the settings option and then from there to the apps tab.
  • Now, click on chrome, and then followed by this you need to click on ‘make this my default browser.

4. Now, the users need to find the auto tube extension to stop YouTube from pausing and you can do so by going through the steps below –

  • Open Google chrome and then from there move to the extension store.
  • In the search field type auto tube and look for it and once you find it you need to press on the first option you see on the screen with the most downloads.

5. After installing and setting up the auto tube your problem will be fixed and you will get the answer for ‘how do I stop youtube from auto pausing’ which you were looking for.


For more read - https://onlinegeeks.net/fix-no-sound-on-youtube/

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