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What Is Streaks on Snapchat?: An Explanation And Examples
3 months ago

Streaks are a thing that is only working on Snapchat and the people who use snaps often maintain streaks on snapchat with their friends. The streaks often are kept by the people who send them to each other and we would like to tell the readers that the streak will get longer when it is sent daily and each day for the users and then in this blog we are going to tell you all about what are streaks?


If you have a streak then Snapchat will show your name in the snapchat app and the streak will continue for a long time and the number of days will also be shown as well in the streak for the days you have maintained the streaks and this is the answer for your question for how do streaks work on snapchat


When you have a streak next to your name and the streaks are symbolized by the icon of flame and if you are wondering how to get streaks on Snapchat then this is the best blog for you as in this bog we have already told you about it this. 


How to start a streak on Snapchat, well the answer for this question is that the users need to first send a snap to another person and then the other person also has to send the snaps in return and then only you will be able to maintain the streak and then only you can get the streak.


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