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Why Can't I Hear Sound on Some YouTube Videos?
10 months ago

One of the most popular live-streaming platforms in the world, YouTube is known by almost everyone who has an internet connection. 


Tons of people access this amazing platform to stream, watch, and even download music videos and streams of popular gamers and entertainers.  


This platform has two packages, basic and premium. The basic version is free while the premium can be bought to enjoy the full version of this brilliant platform.


Apart from all the great features and services, the user also encounters a few issues and errors now and then. One of the commonly encountered problems is that some YouTube videos have no sound which makes it less fun for the user to view them. 


This no sound on YouTube error has turned quite a few heads. If you are one of those users who are experiencing this error, then read the blog till the end as today we will be discussing some simple ways that you can use to fix this error.


Ways to fix no sound error on uploaded YouTube videos


  • Browser issues-you can check to see if the browser is the cause of this error. Try to update the browser and restart it to check if the problem still exists.
  • Check the volume controls-check to see if you have not muted the video. This may seem foolish but most of the time, it fixes the error.
  • Use a plug-in-you can also try to use plugins like adobe flash player to play your YouTube videos as that may also fix this error.

For further assistance or any other queries, you may contact the Google help center.


Learn more: How to Fix no Sound on YouTube Google Chrome


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