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Why Can't I See Comments on YouTube Videos?
over 1 year ago

YouTube is a free source of entertainment, where some people can show their talent, while others enjoy watching it. Like me, for many of us, our pleasure lies in reading the comments of unknown people in the comment section, we get to know the mentality of people regarding a particular topic. However, sometimes due to technical glitches we Can't see YouTube comments. Many people have come forward seeking the solution to the problem, so, we have brought you ways by which you can solve your problem YouTube Comments Not Loading.


  • Poor Internet Connectivity


The first thing that I would suggest you to, is to check your internet connectivity. Sometimes when we have a poor internet connection, YouTube fails to load comments. This could be due to regular maintenance of the network by your service provider.


  • Outdated Version of YouTube


In my opinion, if you are using an outdated version of YouTube, then it might create problems in accessing all the features of the application, due to which you can't see YouTube comments on android or iOS devices. Thus, I recommend you update the app and use the latest version.


  • Clearing Cookies and Cache


The more we browse things on the internet or YouTube, the more cookies and cache get accumulated. These clustered cache files can sometimes cause problems in proper accessing of some features of YouTube

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