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Why Does Snapchat Crash on My iPhone?
over 1 year ago

Just like any other social media platform Snapchat also has many glitches and errors which result in its improper functioning like Snapchat keeps crashing. 


In this article, we are going to look at the reason as well as the solution to fix the crashing error of Snapchat so that you will get the answer to your question ‘why is Snapchat crashing?’ So, let us begin with it without any further ad-ons. 


Causes And Solutions for Snapchat Fixing Error – 


  • Lack of memory on the device 


If your device does not have enough storage then Snapchat might not work properly. For this, you need to fix it by following the below steps – 

  1. Delete the unnecessary apps on your device that you do not use to fix the Snapchat app crashes
  2. Go to the settings option and then on storage, from there you have to move to internal storage and then click on cached data. Delete the cache data by confirming the action and hitting the ok button. 


  • Restarting the device 


There might be some minor errors on your device which are causing the trouble for you. Restarting your device is the Snapchat crashing fix you need right now, so you just need to restart your device and then see if the problem still exists. 


  • The server of Snapchat down

Sometimes it happens that the issue is not from your side, it is possible that the server of Snapchat is down because of which you are not able to use it. There is no such solution to this problem; you need to wait until the problem has been fixed from the other end. 


  • Unstable network connection 


An unstable internet connection might be responsible for Snapchat keep crashing on iPhone and to fix this the users need to change the internet connection they are using and shift to a better one. 


See also - https://abhint.com/technology/how-to-fix-snapchats-crashing-issue/

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