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Why I Cannot Attach Files in Gmail?
11 months ago

Gmail is very useful, free and does not add advertisement to the signature line of your email messages. Gmail also offers a generous amount of storage space which can be definitely expanded if necessary. When it comes to emails, Gmail is one of the most widely used services across the globe. Developed by Google, Gmail is a free app, to use email services that can be used over the web as well as third-party apps through IMAP and POP protocols. Several features make Gmail special and very popular among the users.


Gmail offers 15GB storage to the users with the option to receive emails up to 50MB including attachments and send emails up to 25MB. Automatic scanning of the emails is done by Gmail for several purposes like adding ads, filtering malware, filtering spam, and even more. 


So, some people are wondering why they are unable to attach files in Gmail. Here are some very possible reasons that you cannot attach files in Gmail. If flash is blocked on the computer due to some security settings, then this is the reason your Gmail attachment is not working. The browser should not be in offline mode so, to avoid it try disabling the proxy if Gmail is still unable to attach files. 


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