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Why is My Gmail Not Receiving Emails?
almost 2 years ago

Gmail has been one of the most successful email platforms of all time without a doubt. But they have been one of the error-prone mail services too. Problems like emails not showing up in Gmail have become quite common. Today’s blog will provide an example solution for this error.


Ways to fix the Gmail not receiving emails error


1. Switch to a different browser if you are unable to receive any emails you can a different browser to access your emails. It is advisable to use Opera because of its superior security measures.


2. Server status-Make sure that you check to see whether or not the servers of the Google mail platform are down before you try anything. The only thing you can do is wait it out if you find the servers down.


3. Check the storage-Since Gmail only offers a total of 15 GB, you can also check if you have used up all the space as that may also lead to you not receiving any emails.


4. Configure the firewall-You can also try to disable the antivirus program and the device’s firewall since these two can also lead to this error.


These are some of the ways by which you can resolve this error. You can either visit the Google help center or the online geeks’ webpage for answers to your queries.


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